Ways to Deal with Second Infertility

Second infertility is common. The Lancet, a medical journal, published data stating that 9 to 12% of women who easily conceived a child the first time may have difficulty to be pregnant again. Therefore, for those who planned to have another child, this can be a very devastating situation. Here are some ways to deal with it:

Accepting What You Feel

Identifying and accepting your feelings is normal and reasonable. If you feel worried and stressed because of the situation, you keep in mind that it is okay to go through what you are feeling.

Trying to See the Positive

Instead of blaming yourself and thinking that you are not enough for the reason for your second infertility, you can have the mindset that you are trying hard to have a successful pregnancy and striving to be the best for your child.

Having an Open Communication with your Partner

It is recommended to set a time to talk about fertility with your partner to avoid concentrating on the topic too much. Doing this will allow you and your partner to discuss other life aspects, too.

Asking for Professional Advice

If you have been deeply affected by the situation or your health is affected, you can seek help from your doctor or a counselor.

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