Different Stages of Love

The duration of couples on a certain stage varies since it depends on the couple. Many couples do not go to the next stage because of immaturity or incompatibility.

Getting Attracted and Falling in Love

This is the first stage all couples go through. This is the phase where you learn about each other and go on dates. This is called the fantasy or honeymoon phase since everything seems perfect. This stage usually lasts for around 3 months.

Starting to Feel the Reality

In this part of the relationship, problems and issues happen slowly. This phase normally lasts for half a year. It can be longer depending on how long both of you are willing to stay in the relationship.

Feeling of Disappointment

Because of the problems in the previous stage, disappointments occur. This normally lasts for a year since couples make an effort to resolve their differences and become stable.

Feeling of Security

If the couple can surpass the previous 2 stages, they will feel happiness and comfort in this stage. Couples stay on this stage for 2 years until they feel they are ready for the last stage.

Getting Committed

Only a few couples reach this stage even those who are already married. This is the stage wherein you will realize you have found your partner. This is also the stage where you also realize that you want to settle down.

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