Possible Ways to Choose the Gender of Your Baby

One of the most common reasons why couples opt for a certain gender for their baby is balance. Though there are possible signs to determine the gender of a baby, the most reliable method is PGD or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This procedure costs around $2,000. The gender is guaranteed, but this is usually done for couples who want to prevent passing on genetic diseases to their child.

Home Methods

Though there are no concrete studies about home methods such as putting a wooden spoon under the bed for a girl or eating the ends of bread loaves for a boy, there could be a scientific truth to these methods.

A recent study found that the diet of a woman during conception may affect the gender of her baby. Research done at the Universities of Exeter and Oxford in England reported that women who ate cereal for breakfast and had more calories regularly had a higher chance of having a boy than women who did not eat breakfast and had a low-calorie diet.

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