Ways to Deal with Undesirable Attention When Pregnant

Even though a lot of people get excited to know that you are pregnant, they need to realize and respect your personal space. If you get uncomfortable with the attention, you can give appropriate responses so that you can have peace and better relationships, especially with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Getting Too Close

A baby bump gets a lot of people’s attention. Most of them cannot stop themselves from touching it. Nevertheless, there is something you can if you feel uneasy. You can tell them nicely or jokingly that you are not comfortable with them touching your tummy and not to take it personally. You can practice in the mirror to gain confidence.

Unwanted Comments

Pregnant women get a lot of comments such as not gaining enough or gaining too much weight or having a bad breakout during pregnancy. The pregnancy itself is worrying, so these remarks make women more worried. You can answer these comments by not responding. You can just smile. Many people will understand that their comments are not helpful.

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