How to Discuss Sex on Teens

You likely think that your teenager does not know a lot about sex since they are not at the right yet. Although they might hear or read about it, you probably also think that they will not show much interest in it. However, they might be exposed to a lot of information about it, so the best people learn more about it is from their parents.

What Should I Tell My Teenager?

Teenagers know or are familiar with reproduction and other related words, the basics of intercourse, and the dangers of doing it such as unwanted pregnancy or diseases. Even though this information might seem too much for them, it is for their safety. You can tell your child that they do not need to engage themselves in that kind of activity and that they can always seek you for protection.

Though they are learning about it in school, it is not sure if they understood it well or the information is properly delivered. You can always check with your child’s school about what they learn about it, so you can be more prepared with your child’s questions once you have the conversation.

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